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Personally in Berlin and also online via Zoom


creates a completely personalized training plan from the complete range of dance, Pilates, massage and Reiki. It is adapted to the respective individual wishes and requirements and thus sets the necessary priorities. Here, too, preventive measures, the imparting of anatomical knowledge, the understanding of movement sequences and regenerative processes form the basis.


It is also possible to perceive individual training analyses: processes and training units can be optimized or deficits in dance lessons and sports can be discovered. They are remedied with various methods, so that the technology is improved in the long term.


fokussiert auf die spezifischen Anforderungen des Tanzens, indem sie Flexibilität und Kraft fördert und Bewegungsmuster optimiert. Dies trägt zur technischen Verbesserung und Verletzungsprävention bei, indem es gezielt auf Haltung und Körperbewusstsein eingeht.


combines movement with music. It has a liberating effect on the mind while strengthening the entire body. At the same time, coordination, a sense of rhythm and concentration are promoted.

A ballet or contemporary class focuses on healthy training so that the body recognizes and uses its maximum anatomical abilities. At the same time, dance is understood to be free of any pressure and ideals - it relies on individual potential.



is a full body workout that combines strengthening and stretching. This promotes joint mobility and muscle elasticity. In particular, the deep abdominal, pelvic and back muscles around the spine are trained, thereby strengthening posture and coordination. Pilates promotes general well-being and forms a stable core. It relieves tension and relieves pain in the neck, lower back, shoulders and hips. The Pilates training can be performed on the mat and on specially developed equipment.


relaxes body and soul, reduces stress and thus increases well-being. Muscles are loosened, tension relieved and pain alleviated. At the same time, massages stimulate the metabolism and thus achieve a revitalizing effect. 

Reiki Healing


is a form of laying on of hands and means "universal life energy". Body and mind regenerate, while thoughts become clearer again, blockages are released and self-healing powers are activated.

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