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"In recent years, I have dealt more and more intensively with healthy, science-based forms of training and prevention in the field of dance and sport. This gave me the opportunity to create my work with artists on a larger scale and to be able to share it. Relaxation techniques, mental training and Pilates are essential building blocks that, in my opinion, are part of healthy training for all creative and athletic people.”

–– Angela McGinn, Founder of Art Athletes


ART ATHELETES arose from the experience and observation that a clear-cut categorization of art and sport cannot meet the individual requirements for holistic, science-based training. ART ATHELETES shapes the concept of art athletes and thus rethinks the connection between art and sport: Only by recognizing and appreciating them on an equal footing can appropriate care and support be given to people who are active in the arts and sports. A strong and healthy body requires varied and individual training in order to achieve top performance and to keep the risk of injury low. Especially during and after an injury, the right way back to top-level sport is linked to adapted practice that neither enhances nor devalues ​​art or sport, but proceeds in an all-encompassing manner.

ART ATHELETES implements this claim on multiple levels: The guidelines for prevention, education and rehabilitation present interlocking elements, the close connection of which enables an all-encompassing orientation of care and training.

This is implemented in concrete terms in the range of offers from dance and Pilates to massage and Reiki. Here, preventive measures, the transfer of anatomical knowledge, the understanding of movement sequences and regenerative processes form the basis. Whether as personal training, in a training analysis or in individual classes, the offer can be precisely adapted to individual requirements and wishes.

Pilates and dance-scientific movement methods are also used for personal exercise plans that complement the daily training. Relaxing massages give the body new energy and loosen tense muscles. Breathing exercises reconnect body and mind and bring inner peace.

Thanks to the holistic approach, which also includes the anatomical understanding of your own body, ART ATHLETES ultimately forms the tools with which body artists can get the best out of themselves.



My name is Angela and I am a trainer, dancer and choreographer in Berlin. I completed my professional dance training in 2010 at the Berlin State Ballet School and acquired my BA in stage dance at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts. In addition to my active dance career, I teach ballet, contemporary and Pilates at various schools and lead or choreograph new projects.


Over the years, I have dealt more and more with healthy, science-based forms of training and prevention in dance and sport. It has become a central component that I would like to integrate and carry forward for myself, in my teaching and in my work with other artists. Pilates, various relaxation techniques and mental training are an important part of it.

My thirst for knowledge is also accompanying me at the moment through my training as a physiotherapist.

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