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ART ATHLETES is the training-scientific support and accompaniment for all artistically and athletically active people. Either as personal training, in larger classes or in individual lessons, ART ATHLETES offers dance lessons, pilates, training analyses on site as well as massages and reiki. All offers can be used in a fully personalized plan or booked individually.

The concept is based on the observation that art and sport are generally viewed separately in the public eye and are therefore sharply categorized. It is precisely this separation that ART ATHLETES counteracts and takes an inclusive approach: Many of the people who train at a high-performance level, for example as dancers or acrobats, affect both areas. Accordingly, targeted training and adequate support are geared towards both.


This is exactly where ART ATHLETES comes in: Contrary to the separation of creative areas and high-performance sports, ART ATHLETES recognizes art and sports as equal - artists can train at a high-performance level, just like athletes can achieve top creative performance. After all, both need appropriate care. This is exactly the goal of ART ATHLETES , which already bears this claim in the name and rethinks the connection between art and sport for a holistic approach.


On the basis of extensive practical and anatomical knowledge, ART ATHLETES follows the guidelines of prevention, education and rehabilitation, which are always intertwined. This close connection enables a holistic training-scientific approach for healthy training.

People who are active in the fields of dance, artistry, figure skating, gymnastics and other physical arts train with daily high performance and dedication. You are also putting your body at risk of injury. Proper prevention is the best help here to keep the artist's body fit and healthy in the long term. The imparting of anatomical knowledge sustainably strengthens preventive approaches and training methods. But rehabilitation after an injury must also be well supported and individually adapted to the body.


With ART ATHLETES, deficits in dance lessons and sports are discovered, corrected with various methods and the technique thus improved. In a completely personalized plan, the body is strengthened and thus better understood. It is brought into harmony with itself so that any imbalances are eliminated or prevented.

Be it as personal training, in an individual lesson or in a class, this holistic approach is ultimately reflected in the overall range of ART ATHLETES:

Dance combines movement and music in a way that encompasses the senses: the entire body is strengthened, while coordination, a sense of rhythm and concentration are addressed.

Pilates is a suitable full body workout that promotes joint mobility and muscle elasticity. It combines strengthening and stretching.

Massages and Reiki support regenerative processes. Through relaxation and rest phases, they develop a revitalizing effect, which is essential for intensive training.

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